Petfood Donation (for Lim Seong Ann’s dogs in Kota Bharu)

Donors: Kok Khee Wee, NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, Charmaine Nyam, Wan Tai Seng, Kwan Pei Kuan, Khoo Ming-Yi, donors from Boost, AnimalCare donors (reserve fund).

The petfood:

Vitalplus dog kibble 18kg
– Salmon – 5 bags
– Lamb – 5 bags

We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery to Kota Bharu.

A message from Mr Lim: Received 10 bags of Vital Plus. Thank you from my heart and the furkids.

Mr Lim is one of our elderly CNRM-applicants in Kota Bharu. He is a retiree without pension and is also a cancer patient who is still undergoing treatment for his stage 3 cancer. He is currently looking after 21 dogs in double dog kennels. He recently acquired licenses for his dogs and they have also been vaccinated against rabies by the vet department.

An email from Mr Lim:

I would like to thank all the donors and My animalcare for donating so generously to my 21 dogs I am taking care of now. Most of them. are kept in the makeshift kennel.

My supply of dog kibbles Vital plus can last approximately another 2 weeks.
As I am now 64 years old and not working, I depend on my daughters monthly allowance of Rm750. 00, of which Rm 300.00 is for house rental and utilities.
I would like to request for food aid for the 21 dogs under my care. On alternate days I would cook rice and chicken and mix it with kibbles. On other days they only feed on kibbles.
I do hope you would kindly consider my request as I truly have no other ways to acquire dog food for these dogs.
I have sent photos of the 21 dogs..
Thank you so much for you kindness and compassion.
Lim. Seong Ann.

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