Petfood Donation (for Lim Seong Ann’s dogs in Kota Bharu)

Donors: Kok Khee Wee, NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, Charmaine Nyam, Wan Tai Seng, Kwan Pei Kuan, Khoo Ming-Yi, donors from Boost, AnimalCare donors (reserve fund).

The petfood:

Vitalplus dog kibble 18kg
– Salmon – 5 bags
– Lamb – 5 bags

We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery to Kota Bharu.

A message from Mr Lim: Received 10 bags of Vital Plus. Thank you from my heart and the furkids.

Mr Lim is one of our elderly CNRM-applicants in Kota Bharu. He is a retiree without pension and is also a cancer patient who is still undergoing treatment for his stage 3 cancer. He is currently looking after 21 dogs in a makeshift kennel. He recently acquired licenses for his dogs and they have also been vaccinated against rabies by the vet department.

An email from Mr Lim:

I would like to thank all the donors and My animalcare for donating so generously to my 21 dogs I am taking care of now. Most of them. are kept in the makeshift kennel.

My supply of dog kibbles Vital plus can last approximately another 2 weeks.
As I am now 64 years old and not working, I depend on my daughters monthly allowance of Rm750. 00, of which Rm 300.00 is for house rental and utilities.
I would like to request for food aid for the 21 dogs under my care. On alternate days I would cook rice and chicken and mix it with kibbles. On other days they only feed on kibbles.
I do hope you would kindly consider my request as I truly have no other ways to acquire dog food for these dogs.
I have sent photos of the 21 dogs..
Thank you so much for you kindness and compassion.
Lim. Seong Ann.

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