The Greystoke Kittens – to their new home

It has not been an easy decision to rehome the Greystoke Kittens. But I know I don’t have the capability of looking after so many for the long term, so rehoming them would be better for them in the long run. Now that their vaccination schedule is completed and they are all solid, robust and very healthy, it’s time to find them a new home.

For sometime now, I have been contacting a few of my friends, but no one could take them in. Granted, I totally understand that everyone also has his/her limitations. From rehoming all 4 together, I had to settle for rehoming in pairs and finally, individually. It would be really sad to separate them as they all grew up together and are close-knit.

But now, I am so very grateful that a very kind and compassionate friend has offered to adopt all four of them together. This is a bonus point as they will not be separated. And this is a friend whom I can trust, not a stranger. They will be in good hands.

Having a small snack before the car trip to their new home.

Saying farewell is never ever easy.

Be a good boy, Rey.

You too, Rio.

Be good and be happy in your new home, Robin. I will miss your gentle nature.

Have a brand new adventure, Lynx and be good.

We are so very grateful to the compassionate friend for offering to adopt all four of them together. Thank you so, so much. We will also respect the adopter’s request for privacy.

Have an exciting new beginning now, Rey, Rio, Robin and Lynx. Be good, be well and healthy.

Minnie is living as an outdoor cat now and she comes back frequently for food. Smurfy is still with us and will remain as Ginger’s best friend.

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  • YL

    It is tough to bid farewell but we find good strength and positivity that they are all going to be together. That is best and big thanks to the kind adopter. 🙂