A quiet afternoon

The kind adopter sent me a video of the kittens and they are adjusting to their new environment now with the guidance of two “aunty cats”.

For everyone who has given me supportive and comforting messages, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for your kind understanding.

Minnie started rejecting her kittens when they turned 4 months old. She also started escaping from the house despite all our best efforts at cat-proofing our house.  Now, she comes back daily for food, but does not wish to come back into the house. She just wants to go back to being a free spirit and free-roaming cat.

Smurfy was also getting independent of the kittens. He played his role as big brother when they were young, but now that they have grown, he too started slowly distancing himself.

It was because of this that we decided it was time to rehome the kittens. When I first rescued Minnie and Smurfy, my objective was to get Minnie spayed and later, Smurfy. Little did I know that Minnie was in early pregnancy then. She was also jaundiced, so I had to nurse her back to health and let her go through her pregnancy in the safety of our house.

Tabs was the one most affected by the presence of the kittens. She was very stressed and would ask to go into Bunny’s Place every single day. The kittens were all too boisterous for her.

Heidi could take care of herself. She would just hiss at the kittens when they got too close.

There’s a bit of return to normalcy for Tabs now.

Smurfy seems to like the peace and quiet too.

I thought Smurfy might look for the kittens yesterday, but he did not. Perhaps both Minnie and Smurfy decided it was time to get back to their lives.

Best of pals.

Minnie, after lunch today. After roaming, she comes back and stays in the porch.

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