Bunny to the vet’s (eye injury again – Indy!)

There was a war cry episode between Indy and Bunny last night.

This afternoon, Bunny’s right eye was swollen and he was also squinting.

So, it was off to the vet’s this evening.

Indy is a big bully. I think he also picks on Bunny because Bunny is blind.

The vet checked and Bunny’s right eye got scratched (there is an ulcer). He was given an anti-flammatory injection since the eye was very swollen. He would have to be on the plasma eyedrop and Beazyme for 10 days. Tramadol was given for two days to help relieve the pain.

Poor Bunny….

The vet also said that Bunny’s right eye still has some vision, and Indy happened to attack the good eye. Sigh.

Hopefully the painkiller will prevent Bunny from rubbing his eyes.

The bully and the victim.

Get well soon, Bunny.

We have trimmed Indy’s nails really short. He gets into these bullying frenzies for unknown reasons.

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