Heidi to the vet’s

Heidi’s usual morning routine is to come upstairs and jump onto our bed in the middle of the night or at dawn without fail, every single day, but she did not do it this morning.

Then, she did not want to eat breakfast.

It’s not uncommon for Heidi to skip a meal, though. But I did not want to take any chances, so I gave her Omeprazole (gastric medicine). Later, I offered some blended Cindy’s baby food which she loves and she only ate a very small amount.

By lunch time, she still refused food.

Something was not right.

So, it’s off to the vet’s and luckily I managed to get an evening appointment. I was worried in case there was anything serious, especially when Heidi is already a very old cat. She came to us as an “old cat” nine years ago. We don’t know how old she is.

On the way to the vet’s, we remembered that yesterday evening, Heidi “stole” a piece of fried fish cake and ate half of it. Could it be that that could have caused a tummy upset?

The vet examined her and suggested a blood test since her previous one was done one-and-a-half years ago. It was due for another one. But externally, the vet says her organs seemed to be normal.

There were two big blobs in Heidi’s gums. The vet said to just monitor them for now.

Heidi was fierce at the vet’s, as expected. I had to leave the room but I could hear her fighting and mewing with all her might.

Finally, blood was taken and an ear-prick blood test also revealed that her white blood cells were high. However, Heidi did not have any fever.

To my relief, the blood test revealed that her kidney and liver readings were all normal. Phew! I was so worried it was some organ failure.

However, the test did not include the pancreas. But for now, the vet suspects it is some sort of infection so antibiotics was prescribed. Even if her pancreas is affected, the medicine is also the same antibiotics, so this should take care of it. The vet asked if liquid or capsules would be better for Heidi and I requested the liquid as I was not sure if she would allow me to pill her. Also, I know for a fact that Pole takes this liquid medication. If Pole can take it, surely Heidi can too? By the way, Pole and Cleo cannot be fed any solid medication.

Heidi was also given Mirtazapine, the appetite stimulant. The vet also gave her an injection for gastritis since she had not eaten the whole day. I bought a can of ID as well.

Back home, Heidi allowed me to forcefeed her some ID. Then I tried the liquid antibiotics and what a disaster that was! She drooled and spat and got extremely angry.

We had no choice but to drive back to the vet’s to exchange for the capsules. And this was in peak hour traffic.

It’s been a mad day indeed!

Back home again, I managed to feed her the capsule – thank goodness for this.

I hope the antibiotics would be sufficient to take care of whatever problem Heidi has.

She’s hiding here. Partly from me and partly from the kittens.

The kittens, being extremely greedy, were also hovering all over Heidi when I tried to feed her and that was no help at all.

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