Heidi’s update – still a waiting game

It was at 10pm last night that Heidi was willing to eat some food on her own.

This morning, she came upstairs and jumped onto our bed at dawn, so that gave me some hope that her condition would improve.

But she did not eat her breakfast this morning and is not interested in food again. So I forcefed her some ID, gave her her medicines and now, I guess it’s all a waiting game. Waiting for the medicines to work.

Heidi loves Nutriplus Gel and it was out of stock for sometime, but I managed to order from Perromart yesterday and my order arrived today. It’s the only thing that she is willing to lick on her own – the Nutriplus Gel. But that’s not food, just a multivitamin supplement.

Since yesterday, she was not interested in her egg yolk snack too. That’s another thing that she looks forward to daily, but she has no interest in this too.

It remains a waiting game. I hope the medicines will work.

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