Heidi has IMHA

Heidi did not regain her appetite, but she did eat very small amounts of various kinds of food yesterday. Whatever she wanted, I let her eat. It ranged from Pole’s renal kibble to different types of canned food. She wasn’t interested in her regular food at all.

This morning, we took her to the vet again. The vet found her to be pale and a blood test confirmed that in just two days, Heidi has become severely anaemic and this is not because of not eating, but due to a condition called IMHA (Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anaemia) which can happen suddenly and acutely without any warning.

IMHA is a disease where the body’s own immune system destroys its own red blood cells.

The vet also found Heidi’s right pupil bigger than her left which indicates the possibility of a tumour in the brain. Something just triggered the body’s immunity to start destroying its red blood cells.

Heidi’s red blood cells is now at 12.5% which is critical. Although she is still very feisty and strong, in IMHA cases, the patient may go down very fast, so the vet says it’s best she is admitted, put on drips and treated. Aggressive treatment is needed for IMHA. We won’t know what to do for her at home.

I’m in shock as this happened so suddenly. But the vet said this is typical of IMHA.

This photo was taken this morning when she ate a bit of canned food.

We are giving Heidi a fighting chance. But the vet has prepared us as she is in a critical condition even though she is still very strong and alert.

I am devastated and am trying my best to stay calm and sane.

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