Farewell, our beloved and dearest Heidi

Heidi passed away peacefully in her sleep this evening.

She came to us about nine years ago as an elderly cat and asked to be our kitchen cat.

We will always cherish our time spent together at taiji in the park. Heidi would always follow us for our practice and she would run and play in the park, climb trees or just sit quietly to enjoy her stash of medicinal herbs. She was our very faithful taiji cat.

She was our kitchen cat and as long as everyone, cat and human, kept their physical distancing, all would be well. As the years passed, Heidi grew very close to my husband and me. She was my husband’s favourite cat.

Heidi always got special treats from us. She loved half-boiled eggs and every day, without fail, my husband would give her a bowl. From me, she wanted Nutriplus Gel and would wait for it every morning. She had her way of telling us what she wanted. She was a stickler for routine.

At dawn every morning, Heidi would come upstairs, jump into our bed and sleep next to me. I made it a point that no matter how sleepy or tired I am, I will always pat her, stroke her and tell her what a good girl she is and how much she is loved. I am going to miss this routine very much now.

There is so much to write about Heidi and words will not be able to do justice for the joy and happiness that she had given us all these years. We will cherish all these moments and memories with all our heart.

In your own quiet ways, you were so very special, Heidi. You never asked for much, but you gave us a lot.

We need to mourn our loss now.

We love you dearly, Heidi.

Your tour on earth is completed now. It is time for greater happiness.

Run free and be well and happy, Heidi.


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