Smurfy donates blood for Heidi

There was an emergency situation last night. The vet called in the evening and informed us that Heidi needed a blood transfusion.

Heidi took a turn for the worse and was going down. The blood transfusion was supposed to be for today (Monday), but Heidi just deteriorated rapidly all of a sudden.

The blood donor should be between 1-6 years old, but we don’t have any cat in that age range. Smurfy is about 10 months old but since he just hit 4kg, he would qualify too.

But Smurfy had just eaten dinner at that time and fasting was needed to donate blood in case of regurgitation of food while under sedation. The vet said it could still be done; Smurfy would be monitored closely.

We rushed Smurfy to the clinic.

There was another huge hurdle. The blood must be crossmatched. If Smurfy’s blood does not match with Heidi’s, it cannot be transfused.

The crossmatching was done and yes, it was a match!

While Smurfy’s blood was taken, we spent time with Heidi. She was truly listless and had no energy at all. We stroked and patted her and told her we love her dearly. She could only move her tail.

The blood transfusion began and we could see Heidi perking up. It would take sometime and the vet suggested that we take Smurfy home. By then, Smurfy had already woken up and was well enough to travel back.

Back home, Smurfy was given a “hero’s welcome” by Ginger and his brothers. Thank you so much, Smurfy!

By the time the transfusion finished (55ml of blood), the vet texted to say that Heidi felt better. She was already able to move and mew.

There is still a chance that Heidi’s IMHA could destroy the blood, but we dearly hope this will not happen. We are doing everything we can to help Heidi beat this terrible disease.

Our hero, Smurfy!

To all friends – thank you so much for your kind wishes and prayers for Heidi. We deeply appreciate your support and it means the world to us.

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