The great rescue

There was a great rescue mission today.

I heard mewing upstairs and initially thought it was just the kittens playing. But the mewing continued persistently and did not sound like playing.

So I went upstairs to check and found Ginger and Rey sitting in the upstairs hall. This isn’t a normal sight. Usually, nobody goes upstairs at all.

They were just sitting there.

But Robin kept “pointing” at our bedroom door and sniffing at it. From the slit under the door, I could see a shadow moving frantically behind the door.

Someone was stuck in the bedroom. And Robin kept sniffing at the door, just as frantically too.

So I quickly opened the door, and guess who was inside?


Yes, Big Brother Smurfy must have accidentally got trapped in the bedroom.

And once Smurfy was out, the entire rescue mission comprising Ginger, Rey, Robin and Smurfy made their way downstairs triumphantly!

It was a successful mission, they announced.

Lynx and Rio did not know what had happened, but Robin took Rio upstairs to explain the whole adventure and how he was the hero of the mission.

Our hero for the day, Robin!

Tupai watching again….after the mission.






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  1. YL

    Awww 🙂 What an adventure!