The Greystoke Kittens are neutered!

The Greystoke Kittens have reached five-and-a-half months old and are finally neutered today!

Rey and Lynx, being the strongest, also donated blood plasma to the clinic (to be kept frozen for any patient who might need it).

Robin and Rio were neutered first, followed by Rey and Lynx. The procedures were done one by one.

But Rey and Lynx recovered so much faster than Robin and Rio. Clearly, the two are stronger.



Lynx and Rey – last to be done, donated blood plasma, but first to recover and are back to their mischievous ways while Rio and Robin were still slightly groggy.

Seeking comfort from Uncle Ginger. Ginger grooms all of them.

We are keeping our options open to rehome the Greystoke Kittens, preferably in pairs, strictly indoors. Rey and Lynx are very confident, robust and of similar personality. They are more adoptable. Robin and Rio are more timid.

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