Indy to the vet’s

Indy refused breakfast this morning and looked quite miserable. Sometimes, Indy does skip a meal but he would remain active. This morning, he looked sick and his body also felt warm to the touch. He only went to defecate and his faeces were normal. Then, he just slept on a pillow the whole morning and appeared to be quite lethargic. This is definitely not normal for Indy.

So, we took him to the vet’s for a check-up.

As expected, and this almost always happens each time Indy gets sick, it was difficult to ascertain exactly what is wrong with him. His blood test is normal, his PCV is 38%, which is good. His kidney and liver readings are also all within the normal range.

So, what is wrong with Indy?

Refusing to eat is never a good, so there is something wrong with him. The vet did say perhaps his abdomen is a little gassy. He felt a little warm but his temperature is normal.

That’s Indy for you – always baffling the vets.

Anyway, Indy was given an anti-inflammatory injection. He probably has some pain in the stomach, so I’m to give him Tramadol on the inner ears.  The vet also prescribed Baytril but this is only to be given IF he still doesn’t eat by tonight.

Let’s hope Indy starts eating then.

We got home and it was lunch time. Indy came to join everyone for lunch, but he wasn’t interested in eating.

Later on, I gave him some Cindy’s baby food and he licked up half a can. Cindy’s baby food has been out of stock for many months now, so I’m using the last few cans as preciously as possible.

There’s no vomiting so far, so let’s hope he can hold down the food.

Indy, are you going to cure yourself again?

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