Rio’s scrotum infection

Two days ago, we noticed some redness on one of Rio’s scrotum. It looked like an inflamed wound.

So, it was off to the vet’s with Rio (on Tuesday).

Luckily, it wasn’t a castration wound. That had already healed. The vet said it was an external wound. Rio must have somehow got it lacerated.

Now, the tricky part about the scrotum is that the skin there is very thin and sensitive. So, definitely no iodine or hibiscrub are to be used. The vet gave me some oral antibiotics on standby, just in case it is needed. An anti-inflammatory injection was also given. I’m only to apply a very, very thin layer of Fucidin cream onto the wound twice a day.

The wound improved the next day as it appeared to be dryer. We took a photo and sent it to the vet and she says there is no need to start on the antibiotics. However, by evening, after the application of Fucidin, Rio began licking the wound and that caused it to bleed. We used the e-collar, but this caused him tremendous stress and he struggled out of it.

So, we decided not to apply the Fucidin cream since this made him lick it. A cat’s tongue is rough and since the scrotum skin is thin, the licking would make it worse.

By himself, we have not seen Rio licking the wound at all, so we decided to leave it alone. It did not seem to bother him at all.

This morning, the wound looks dry, so that’s good. Hopefully, it will heal on its own.


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