Found dog in Putra Heights (Katherine’s)

If you are able to help this dog, kindly contact Katherine at <>.  The dog was found in Putra Heights.  

From: Puppie P <>
Date: Fri, Nov 27, 2020 at 7:53 PM
Subject: Lost and Found postingHi Dr Chan,

I need your help to post about a dog found in my housing area. It’s going to be two weeks now he has been with us. We posted on Facebook and petfinder and now hoping to post on your site.
Found this super human friendly male black dog on Saturday(14 Nov) morning during my morning walk with my dog. He wears a faded red cloth collar and has very nice shiny smooth fur coat. His left eye is clouded (not cataract but similar) and might not have vision. But that does not deter him from having fun. He is healthy overall and very sweet natured dog. He can be a very good guard dog as he is alert to any stranger that comes near to the house.
If you are the owner, please come forward to collect your dog.
If anyone is interested in adopting him, please email me.
Thanks and regards,


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