A fright from Tabs last night

Last night, we rushed Tabs to emergency at the 24-hour pet hospital.

It started with her not wanting to eat dinner. She only licked a bit of food. Then, she looked unwell. I gave her Omeprazole.

About an hour later, she passed loose stools with “jelly”. It was light brown with transparent glue-like slime.

One thing led to another. She started hunching her back and seemed to be in pain. I had some Tramadol, so I applied that onto her ear. She was behaving very strangely and seemed very restless.

She passed a bit of loose stools again and then, she started drooling.

We were really worried, so we took her to the 24-hour pet hospital. It was almost 9pm then.

By the time the vet examined Tabs, she seemed more settled. Maybe the Tramadol effect had set in and reduced some pain. But the vet found that Tabs was having a fever of 39.3 degrees (considered mild). Her breathing was also very rapid at 84 beats per minute. Apart from this, the vet did not find anything else alarmingly wrong. So he prescribed Metronidazole (antibiotics) as this is suitable for the diarrhoea, Guardizen (a probiotic) and an anti-diarrhoea liquid. The hunching was probably due to abdominal discomfort, but we are still puzzled by the earlier drooling.

The vet said all medicines are to be given after food, so I would have to forcefeed Tabs some food first. That was going to be a problem as Tabs simply does not like being forcefed.

We came home and thankfully Tabs was willing to eat some Cindy’s baby food on her own. But immediately after that, she passed the loose stools again.

We gave her her antibiotics (quarter tablet), the probiotics (a bit of a problem there) and the anti-diarrhoea liquid (HUGE problem as she hated the taste – it wasn’t a small amount too, it was 2.3ml).

Tabs did not want to follow us upstairs for the night, so we let her be.

By the middle of the night, Tabs came up to our room and slept with us on the bed for a while. Then, she slept on the bathroom mat until dawn.

By morning, she seemed much better and was more active than yesterday. I checked everywhere and there are no traces of any diarrhoea.

For breakfast, Tabs’ appetite seemed to have returned. She ate one can of baby food and even asked for her usual Cubgrub. I let her eat in small doses.

Then, I fed her all her medicines.

It’s coming to 3 hours now and so far, there has been no diarrhoea. Her behaviour is back to normal too.

I do wonder if Tabs might have had a reaction to the liver supplement. But I asked the vet last night and he did not think so. Tabs had a very severe reaction to wheatgrass many years ago and was hospitalised with high fever.

Right now, it’s all still a mystery and we don’t know what caused last night’s reaction.

I hope Tabs will be alright after this.

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