Pole and Cleo

Ever since Pole’s vomiting problem a few months ago, she has totally rejected raw food. It’s strange because Pole and Cleo were our first cats to be on the raw diet and they loved it. From a total turn-off, I resorted to giving her renal wetfood, but she soon rejected that and she only eats renal kibble now. While I know she should not be on kibble since she has a kidney problem, it’s the ONLY food that she would eat, so I really have no choice. Because of her hyperthyroid condition too, Pole can only eat very small meals, so she ends up eating 15-20 small meals per day. We have been managing this for months now and her weight is sustained at 3.0kg, which is good enough. At one time, she was only 2.5kg.

Whenever Pole gets her kibble, of course everyone else also wants some, but I don’t give them any since everyone else in Bunny’s Place is on the raw diet. Still, they will try and steal her food if I’m not monitoring Pole’s meals.

This is the biggest thief. Those steely eyes say: I demand for this food. GIVE.

So, all of Pole’s meals must be strictly monitored. Otherwise, the moment I turn my back, Pole would have given up her bowl for Cleo. Or Indy, or Cow. Bunny doesn’t steal as he cannot get up onto the table due to his vision loss.

Pole doesn’t know how to defend her food. She would just readily give it up for anyone.

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