Vaccination aid for 1 cat in Shah Alam (Chung Yaw Hwa’s)

We have provided an aid of RM25 for the first vaccination of this cat.

The cat will also be neutered and we will post updates of previous claims in the neutering post.

attach photo and documentation for Vaccination Aid
Behind my house (backyard) have some stray cats around ( male and female). some are not friendly even this cat (photo) is already six month old and need to vaccine and neuter it otherwise it will get pregnant very soon.  I have been feeding them cat food most of the time.. I will be sending for Neuter this coming Thursday.
After Neutering and second Vaccine, plan to put in back to where she belong and as usual that I will feed them cat food at the backyard of my house area.
Hope  to hear from you soon
Chung Yaw Hwa


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