The five Greystokes

This is one of the hardest decisions we have ever made, but my husband and I have tried our best and given this a lot of thought for more than 2 months now. It is simply too huge a responsibility for us to raise another 5 kittens and see them through their lifetime. We felt that we won’t be able to give them the best in so many aspects – time, energy, space, etc. We also have to be fair to our geriatric cats who require attention. So, a kind friend has adopted the Greystokes (all 4 kittens and Smurfy, so that all 5 brothers are together).

A few years ago, I had already made a promise that we will not adopt anymore as I am constantly down in poor health and during such time, can barely manage. Minnie came on her own and the plan was just to get her treated for her hepatitis, spay her and let her remain as a community cat. But she brought along Smurfy and little did I know that she was also in early pregnancy.

The Greystokes are adjusting to their new environment (it is comforting that they started eating within hours and are gaining confidence to explore their new home) and we too are adjusting to life without them. Of course we miss them terribly, but this is for the long term. We have done our best to give them a good start in life and now they begin their new lives with new adventures.

We are very, very thankful to the adopter for being able to take them together.

Tabs and Ginger tupai watching.

Tabs isn’t much affected by their absence, but Ginger was, so we are helping him adjust too.

To all friends, please know this is one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make, so your kindness and understanding are most appreciated.

3 comments to The five Greystokes

  • Jennifer Chai

    Hi Sis. Kah Yein,

    You have made the best decision you can for all involved (the kittens and Smurfy, the older cats at home, your husband and yourself). No one should judge you on the decision. And you should not be hard on yourself too. Take good care of yourself and be at peace that the kittens and Smurfy are with new good family.

    Be well and stay safe.

    • chankahyein

      Thank you very much for your kind and thoughtful sharing, Sister. I truly appreciate it very much, especially when I feel so torn.

  • Lili

    Such kind hearts to be willing to adopt all 5 !
    I’m sure you would only let them go to a family who would truly love & care for them.