Vaccination aid for 2 cats in Tanjong Karang (Nor Dalilah bt Ab Rahman’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM50 for the vaccinations of these 2 cats.

Updates on previous claims are below.

I wish to apply the vaccination aid for two cats, Poppi and Kecik. 
Poppi is a tabby cat, on September 2018, i found him in my yard, and i took him after ensuring this cat has no owner. He already neutered on January last year. Poppi now has become a fully indoor cat, and i planned to take care of him. He had mucus and flu for so long, i only able to vaccine him last week, because finally his flu is getting better after several times visiting vet. 
I also found Kecik in front of my house on September this year. She was in between some chopped woods my husband dumped on our yard. She was so little around 250 g at that time, so i had to take her in because being alone outside will be very dangerous to her. I didnt see any cat mother came by my house searching for her kitten, so i just make her fully indoor and planned to take care of her in her whole life. 
I attached together the photos of 3 cats that I had applied for myanimalcare subsidy before, they are Popo, Momi and Bobo. 
Another 3 cat had passed away, Topi was hit by a car and found dead by one of my neighbours. Caca passed away, suspected of diaghramatic hernia. She was warded with high fever and severe mucus but could not be saved. Another one is Cicak. He had severe ulcer, and some nerves problem, and even after several treatment, he still didnt get better. 😭 
I humbly hoping this application can be approved because during mco, my economy stability is a bit interrupted. 
Nor Dalilah Ab Rahman.

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