Ginger and Bunny

We’ve been helping Ginger adjust to the quiet environment without the Greystokes. We let him sleep on our bed along with Tabs too, but he comes and goes throughout the night.

Since Bunny and Cow get to come out to the patio for their walks again now, I figured Ginger should also have the privilege of coming to Bunny’s Place.

But Bunny isn’t exactly friendly to Ginger, so all visits have to be closely monitored.

Ginger also has a habit of spraying urine all over so this poses a challenge as well. He doesn’t do squirts but pools.

Tabs is visibly more relaxed now that the atmosphere is more peaceful. She can eat in peace in the kitchen and no longer has to look for places to hide.

The Greystokes are adjusting well to their new environment, in fact, faster than I anticipated. I receive daily updates, photos and videos but will do the courtesy of respecting the privacy of the kind adopter.

I miss them so, so much. Letting go is so difficult, but sometimes it has to be done for the greater good.

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