Neutering aid for 1 cat in Shah Alam (Chung Yaw Hwa’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM100 for the neutering of this cat.

Updates on previous claims are below.

As a follow-up after the vaccination, this cat was neutered on Thursday (10 December). Now being put in a cage for 2 weeks, after that will send for second vaccine before release back. Will continue to feed this cat and other cats that still around. I guess I will name this cat as Oreo.

Chung Yaw Hwa

Updates on previous claims (Pinky (Aug 2013), Didi (Dec 2013) and Ding-Ding and Dong-Dong (May 2015).)

I only have Pinky as a stray cat.  Pinky still staying outside my house and have been feeding her everyday with only wet food, Pinky have some issue with toothache and sore gums until unable to eat hard food. Pinky have been admitted to Vet for few times over the few years for scaling and extraction teeth until the latest  date is july 2020 whereby all teeth have to be remove inorder for her to get well.

Now she is living happily (i guess) just eating wet food/blended flood), whenever I go outstation for more than 2 days, i will bring Pinky for boarding so Pinky can have soft food. Attached is her latest photos taken this morning. 
Didi have been missing for many year since 2017,(not sure where have this cat been) For Ding ding and Dong Dong after neuter them still very playful and naughty, go inside some neighbour  house and break some item from the kitchen, some neighbour are not happen with this two cat and request to remove them from the area, I did try to get people to adopt it but no response and i also take into my house but they like to run away and also does not mix well with my two indoor cat, at the end in 2017 also i got no choice but to send them this two cat to Paws hoping some cat lover will adopt Ding Dong. 

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