Cow Mau’s possible allergic sneezing

Cow Mau started sneezing on Sunday. By Monday, I started him on Lysine, Vetri DMG and Bromhexine (a mucolytic) and I had also made an appointment for him at the vet’s for today. I was worried it might be cat flu and Cow being FIV+, I didn’t want to take any chances.

However, today, his sneezing suddenly stopped. All morning, I monitored him and there was absolutely no sneezing at all.

In any case, we still took him for a check-up.

The vet checked him. Cow has no fever, his eyes are not red and although cat flu could not be totally ruled out, it looked more like an allergic sneezing. The vet suspects maybe Cow sniffed at something which caused the allergic reaction for two days. The cold weather also could be a factor. Cow and Bunny have been going out to the patio for daily trips, so maybe he sniffed something there. However, an ear prick blood test did not reveal an increase in eosinophils (the white blood cells that combat allergies). Cow’s lungs are also all clear, which is good.

Everything seemed quite okay, actually. Cow’s nostrils were just slightly wet. The vet prescribed Cetirizine (an anti-histamine), Bromhexine (the mucolytic) and a nose drop. I’m not continue with the Vetri DMG and Lysine.

Cow was so good at the clinic that he allowed the vet to apply the nose drop and even remained calm, head tilted, to allow the nose drop time to go down his nasal airways.

Back home, as expected, we needed two humans to administer the nose drop. But I can do the tablets alone.

Cow only wants a lot of attention, so I had to stay with him in the room for long periods.

Goodnight, Cow Mau and Pole.

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