Bunny’s glorious poo

Two days ago, I saw Bunny straining to defecate.

Bunny has had some constipation problems in the past too.

Luckily I was home and was able to monitor the problem. He got into the defecating position about 4-5 times, tried, but nothing came out.

It was still very early in the morning. I had some Lactulose so I gave him a 2ml dose. About an hour later, he got into position again and I held my breath.

A piece of faeces came out.

Poo, glorious poo!

Phew…what a relief!¬† Being on raw food, there is very little faeces, so one piece is good enough for now.

I continued with the Lactulose again in the evening.

Yesterday morning, he was able to defecate and this time it was a larger piece. He did not have to strain or wait too.

I’ll still be monitoring his condition for the next few days. I’ve stopped the Lactulose after yesterday morning as I hope he doesn’t need to depend on it.

I don’t see him straining today. I suppose if he is able to take comfortable naps, it means he feels well. His appetite is good too.

Taking his long morning nap.

To be able to eat, pee and poo is a great blessing.

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