Breaking and entering

A few days ago, we were awakened in the middle of the night by loud noises in our attic. Previously, the neighbourhood civet cat (musang) used to break into our attic, but this hasn’t happened for a long time now ever since we blocked off all the entrances in our roof.

But there was definitely something in our attic that night.

The loud noises went on for hours. We were sure it would be the musang again. But the strange thing is that, Tabs is usually very alert about such things and would be monitoring it. This time, Tabs just continued sleeping.

After hours, the “something in the attic” began to push open one of our vents in the ceiling. This is one of the turbine ventilator vents. It looked like whoever it was was trying to come into our house by breaking open the vent.

There was nothing much we could do but to wait for it to happen. Two screws had already fallen off. It was just a matter of time if the perpetrator persisted.

Well, it did finally happen.

With one loud push, the vent fell off and something fell from the attic onto the floor.

It wasn’t the musang.

It was….


Minnie had broken into our attic, created havoc for hours and then, entered our house by breaking the vent.

No wonder Tabs was so calm about it. It was, I guess, a “friendly” break-in and there was no need to raise any alarm.

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