The challenge of feeding Cleo

It’s a huge challenge trying to feed Cleo. Being the queen that she is, she is extremely fussy and picky. It is very hard to know what she wants to eat at each feeding. It could anything such as (1) pure Cubgrub, (2) pure Coco&Joe, (3) chicken breastmeat, (4) Coco&Joe topped with Cubgrub, (4) Cubgrub topped with chicken breastmeat, (5) Coco&Joe mixed with water, (6) raw food topped with kibble, and the list goes on.

You have to get it EXACTLY right. There is no compromise. Otherwise she walks.

Lately, she has been wanting to eat Pole’s RC renal kibble. Neat.

Now, since Cleo needs subcut twice a week, kibble should be the last on her list of food demands. But I suppose since Pole gets renal kibble (because that’s the only food she can tolerate without vomiting), Cleo thinks she can demand for it too.

The irony of it all is that Pole and Cleo were the first of our cats to be on a 100% raw diet. They just took to it naturally like fish to water – they completely loved it. And now, both of them want to eat kibble. And worst of all is that they both have kidney issues and should be on wet food.


So, what can I do?

Well, for each meal, I would offer raw food first. Put the bowl in front of her and PRAY hard that she would eat it.

It all depends on her mood. Sometimes, my prayers are answered and she will eat it. Sometimes, she just walks away.

For this queen, “Eat or Starve” does NOT work.

I cannot let her starve since she is only 3.2kg, so at most, I would allow her to skip 2 meals. Then comes the pleading and coaxing….

Or I would just cave and give in to her.

As long as she eats something!

Look into my eyes….I want kibble. Do you understand? 

Pole gets kibble many times a day. That is only because she can only eat very small meals each time. So, she gets to eat 10-20 times a day and by doing so, she has maintained her weight at 3.0kg.

But the problem with Pole is that she doesn’t know how to defend her food. I have to sit down and wait for her to finish. If I move away, her food will get taken over by Cleo. I wonder whether Pole voluntarily moves away and gives the food to Cleo or Cleo does a hostile takeover of the food by staring Pole down.

Knowing the queen, it’s more likely to be the latter!

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