Pole’s condition

Pole’s condition did not improve with the treatment. She still refuses to eat and I could only forcefeed her a teaspoon of AD every 3-4 hours. Anything more and she would growl or spit the food out. She just sat quietly and barely slept. It was truly painful seeing her like this and not knowing what else to do to help her. Clearly, the recovery we had hoped for was not happening. Something more needed to be done.

So this morning, as advised by the vet, I took Pole to another clinic to get her lumbar and abdomen X-rays done. Then, the vet advised that Pole should be admitted for IV-fluids and pain relief medication.

There are quite a number of things wrong and I don’t really know where to begin.

From the X-ray, Pole has nerve inflammation and bone spur at the part of her spine where it hurts. The bone spur is due to arthritis and old age. This explains the lumbar pain. The inflammation could be due to trauma or is immune mediated. She would need an anti-inflammatory for this.

Pole still has a slight fever today. That means since 2 days ago, the fever has persisted. Maybe that is why she did not want to eat. But what was causing the fever? It could be the inflammation, or was there any bladder inflammation as well since Pole used to be prone to UTI.

The blood test shows that Pole is low on sodium and potassium and this is possibly due to her kidney condition.

The urine test shows a UPC reading of 1.5. This means protein is leaking into the urine. Pole did not have this protein leakage problem previously. But with kidney degeneration, it is inevitable. I was hoping we could delay this as long as possible, and perhaps we have, but as the disease progresses, this would happen.

Pole’s kidney condition has progressed. We would have to manage it now, with medication. I am instantly reminded of how we managed Vincent’s kidney disease. It’s not something anyone would “look forward” to, but we would just have to face the facts and do the best we can to keep Pole as comfortable as possible.

Kidney disease is so daunting. There is no turning back at all. It will only progress.

For Pole, she is also hyperthyroid and has high blood pressure. This definitely adds to the progression of the disease. The blood test, however, shows her thyroid condition to be normal.

There was a small amount of bacteria in Pole’s urine, so perhaps she has a bit of urinary tract infection. This morning, Pole wet the bed.

Pole had to be admitted to be on IV-fluids and pain relief medication through the IV. I stayed with her as long as I could as it’s the first time Pole is admitted in her entire life. In fact, for the first 12 years of her life, Pole did not even need to go to the vet’s except for spaying and vaccination. Pole will be 15 this year.

Pole was syringe-fed at the clinic, and she did not bully the vet assistants. I hope she can eat on her own soon so that she can be discharged and be home again. I also hope Pole does not have to be on too many medications as it is not easy to feed her medicines.

One day at a time now….

This morning’s photo.

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