Pole is back home

I went to visit Pole yesterday and found her looking very depressed and miserable. The vet said it could be due to the pain medication which has a sedative effect. She just lay in the cubicle and did not move at all, looking very lethargic. I spent more than an hour there with her.

This morning, Pole looked much brighter and alert compared to yesterday. She got up, moved around and was happy to see us. She even allowed us to carry her. The vet assistant said she tried to fight a little during feeding yesterday, which was a “good sign”.

The vet said we could take Pole home already and just continue with her oral medications at home. But that’s 2 transdermal creams and SIX tablets. Some twice a day too.

Yes, SIX tablets. Please wish me all the luck in the world.

But Pole had not defecated since she was admitted and there were stools in her colon. Initially, a enema was planned, but the vet decided not to stress her. She should be able to pass out the stools on her own. So, no enema was done.

Her UPC was high in the urine test when she was admitted and we were worried that that meant progression of the kidney disease. But there is, however, a small glimmer of hope because urinary tract infection can also cause elevated UPC. I know it’s a small glimmer of hope, but we will hang on to that hope. The repeat urine test can only be done after she finishes her medication in two weeks. So, no medication is given to address the UPC yet.

Pole was also found to be anaemic, her PCV being at 20%. For this, she was given folic acid. We won’t start on any hormonal injections at the moment.

I watched how the vet assistant force-fed Pole her KD wet food with the food syringe and I tried doing it as well. It wasn’t “too difficult”, let’s hope Pole won’t bully me at home. The vet also thinks Pole might go back to eating her renal kibble once she is home. If not, I will just force-feed her daily. If she is willing to eat with the syringe, then I would only have to do it 2 times a day as long as she eats the amount she is supposed to.

The vet assistant said she was able to give Pole all her tablets together with food using the food syringe. The “food syringe” is just a modified syringe with the tip cut off so that it has a larger opening. There is one capsule which is rather big and that’s to be given twice daily. That’s going to be a huge challenge. I need lots of luck and lots of cooperation from Pole.

The IV-port was removed and we brought Pole home, with all her medications in tow and 4 cans of KD. If she is willing to eat back her renal kibble eventually, that would be good. But I would still need canned food for her medication (for two weeks).

The first thing Pole did after coming home was to drink a lot of water. She was clearly happy to be home.

I was planning to prepare a sick bay (cage) for her, but it looks like there was no need for this. She was walking around and seemed comfortable. That bone spur at her spine actually causes a lot of pain, but she did not show it and if she is able to move around, that is good. Let’s hope the pain medication is working well and making her more comfortable. The bone spur can also cause difficulty in squatting to urinate and defecate – this was my worry.

But Pole soon put this worry to rest. She went to the garden to urinate and then, defecated as well. I held my breath as I watched her squat in the defecating position. Then, out came the glorious stools.

This is probably 3 days’ stools. All out now, without any straining. It’s truly glorious poo! With that bone spur at the lower half of her spine, no straining is a miracle.

You are happy to home, aren’t you, Pole?

Some brotherly support from Cow.

Pole was able to jump up to this level of her condo.

And get some healing sunshine, after 2 days of hospitalisation.

Of course we are definitely not out of the woods yet. The fact remains that we may never be out of the woods as Pole has kidney disease which will only progress. But as long as she is comfortable, that is good enough. Compared to 5 days ago when she started getting sick, she seemed much better and brighter today.

“Good enough” is good enough.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind wishes for Pole. We appreciate it very much.

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  • Agnes

    I find it a lot easier to feed pills placed inside capsules. Can even put 3 small pills inside a cspsule. This way they can’t taste the ubat so won’t spit it out. Can ask vet for the capsules.

  • Agnes Cheong

    How does a food syringe look like please?