Pole’s updates

Barely one-and-a-half days after returning home from the clinic, Pole started deteriorating quite rapidly. Her head was constantly down and she looked very lethargic.

I know this “head down” syndrome is a sign of low electrolyte level, so I actually contemplated sending her back to be on the IV-drip so that electrolytes could be administered intravenously to perk her up. That was done during her hospitalisation and it worked.

But there is this product called Kaminox which is a multivitamin and also provides potassium (one of the electrolytes) for kidney patients. I decided to try this instead to spare Pole the stress of being hospitalised.

So we got this product yesterday and started it on Pole. By nightfall, Pole looked a bit better.

Cleo keeping Pole company.

During the one-and-a-half days when she deteriorated, she was constantly in the “loaf” position with her head down and she barely slept at all.

Luckily Kaminox worked (I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will continue to work) and today, at least her head isn’t down anymore and she looks better. She is also able to sleep today.

But she still refuses to eat on her own, so it’s force feeding twice a day. She also has more strength to resist the force feeding. I know force feeding isn’t exactly good and is stressful, but without food, her electrolyte level will drop even further and this would make her very lethargic. It’s the lesser of the two evils. She also cannot go on without food.

The problem with Pole is, once she is put off a certain food, she won’t go back to it. This happened when she was happily on the raw diet for years until a bout of vomiting (due to sensitivity to a supplement) happened and she never went back to raw food after that.

Something put her off RC renal wet food too, and she never went back to it. Before this illness, Pole was on RC renal kibble (the only food she would eat and the only food keeping her alive), then she went off it this round, so looks like she will never go back to it now.

It appears that I would have to resort to force feeding her KD for the rest of her days now.

This is the “food syringe” that I use to force feed the KD. It is just an ordinary syringe with the tip cut off so that it has a large enough opening to suck up the food and syringe it into the mouth. It works quite well.

As advised by the vet, Pole’s daily subcut has been increased to 200ml per day. I can still do the subcut single-handedly as Pole doesn’t mind it. It’s the force feeding that she doesn’t like, but that has to be done. Luckily it is only twice a day. As for her six tablets, I try to put some of them into a capsule so that I only have three to feed.

I don’t know if Pole will get better but I definitely hope she will feel better with the Kaminox boosting her electrolyte level.

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