Pole’s 1st Darbepoetin injection

Pole went for her one-week check-up yesterday.

Clinically, ever since administering the Kaminox, Pole seemed more alert and mobile. The blood test shows her electrolyte levels have improved slightly, which is good.

Unfortunately, Pole’s PCV dropped from the previous 20% last week to only 15% yesterday. While drawing her blood, the vet already noticed that her blood appeared quite “watery”. Pole is anaemic and so the 1st Darbepoetin injection was given yesterday. It is a hormone injection aimed at boosting the production of red blood cells.

Anaemia occurs in kidney patients because the kidneys do not produce enough hormones to make red blood cells.

There is no guarantee if the injection will work, but we really hope it will.

I remember Vincent had one course of this Darbepoetin injections (a total of five) and it helped boost his PCV the first round. He had another course 3 months later, but this did not work anymore as he was in the final stage of his kidney disease by then.

Pole was quiet after coming home from the vet’s yesterday.

Pole’s medication has been reduced to 4 tablets now, which is a relief. After one more week of antibiotics, those two need not be continued anymore, so it would only be the tiny piece of her high blood medication and folic acid (for the anaemia). The rest are transdermal creams (Tramadol for pain and Methimazole for her hyperthyroidism) and the Kaminox liquid for her electrolytes. Pole doesn’t like the Kaminox anymore now.

I wish I did not have to give her so many supplements but without the Kaminox, she was in a really bad state.

Pole also still refuses to eat on her own so I have to force feed her twice a day. The vet said she is either turned off by the smell of food as it associates with her feeling sick (I concur) or the anaemia is causing her to have no appetite. Either way, she still has to be force fed. I’ve tried various type of foods, but nothing interests her.

Pole’s hydration was a bit better yesterday, so her daily subcut can go back to 150ml.

The Darbepoetin injection, if it works, would still take about a few days to a week to product the effects. Until then, I hope Pole feels comfortable and well enough.

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