Family support for Pole

Pole has been very quiet since the Darbepoetin jab on Saturday.

Visible muscle wastage had already set in since last week , so we know that her condition is deteriorating.

Kidney degeneration is a very debilitating and long-drawn illness….sigh.

She is still unwilling to eat on her own, so I still have to force feed her.

I don’t know if the Darbepoetin jab has any effect as it has been after 3 days now. Pole is still very quiet and inactive. The only one difference is that she seems to have a bit more strength to resist during the feeding sessions (I have been bitten twice during pilling). Again, I don’t know if this is due to being very fed-up with the food or she really has a bit more strength. It is hard to tell.

But I guess I’m grateful that she is no longer in the “loaf” position and is able to take naps in between.

Meanwhile, Pole has the support from her family.

Cow keeps her company.

Bunny as well.

“I am watching Pole too”, says Indy.

Cleo is also nearby.

Rest as much as you can, Pole. Rest and relax.

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