Astro’s Oil support for Pole

I was surprised but very thankful to receive an unexpected email from Astro’s Oil yesterday. It’s been quite long since I last contacted them when I first ordered the renal care package.

The person-in-charge, Ms Bianca, remembered Pole. She found this blog, read about Pole’s condition and wrote to me. I’m very surprised as I’ve never told her about AnimalCare before.

Thank you very much, Ms Bianca!

According to her, Pole can benefit from a heavier dose of the renal care protein now to help with her current condition. Based on her advice, we embarked on this recommended dosage of all three products yesterday.

So, instead of feeding Pole the KD twice a day, she now gets in-between snacks of Cindy’s baby food with the renal care protein and creatinine-scrub. Pole doesn’t seem to mind this baby food (I can rub it onto her mouth and she licks it willingly), which is a good thing. But as before, she really doesn’t like the oil but yet, the oil is very essential for this treatment regimen.

I will do the best I can and hope this will help Pole feel more comfortable.

Muscle wastage happened very rapidly. I hope the renal care protein can help with this.

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