Pole ventures out to the rest of the house

Last night, Pole decided she wanted to venture out of the rest of the house.

We carried her out to the living room for awhile but later in the night, she sat at the grille.

This is a rare photo of the “Originals”.

Indy and Cleo came too, but I was not able to get a photograph of all five of them together.

Pole seemed content sitting at the grille last night so we let her.

This morning, when I came downstairs, Pole was still sitting at the grille, so I open it and she walked out.

She ventured to the patio.

Luckily Ginger is a very good host and he accompanied Pole.

Pole has lost a lot of muscle mass. But she is still able to walk slowly and jump up to Vincent’s table.

Feeding is getting to be very difficult now. She rejects all food, and yet, I have to keep doing it in small amounts as she needs food to sustain her. Now, I divide her feeding sessions into 6 times a day (two times KD and four times Cindy’s baby food), with small amounts each time so as not to stress her out too much. Yet, every feeding session is difficult, especially those that involve the KD.

She totally rejects the Kaminox and fish oil. I hope her electrolyte level will not drop again. I’m doing my best to give her the folic acid and B12 by crushing the tablets and putting them in capsules. But even then, she spits out of the capsules.

I do the subcut wherever Pole is so that I don’t have to relocate her and move her around too much.

When she is alone, Pole sits with her head up. Dignified. Steadfast.

May you be comfortable, strong and at peace, Pole.

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