Pole was “active” this morning

My husband just returned from work and told me that Pole was actually active this morning, at dawn, when he went off to work.

He came downstairs and found Pole sitting upright waiting for him at the foot of the stairs. She looked unusually alert too.

Then, Pole followed him into the kitchen and circled round the kitchen. He said it appeared as though Pole wanted food.

So, Pole was “active” this morning.

Just now, Pole came into the kitchen too and she even came to accompany me while I was doing work. She was asking for something, but I did not know what it was, so I just patted her and praised her.

This is all quite unusual as she had been down for the past few days.

I can only hope that this means we are doing something right. By “something right”, I mean something that makes her a little bit more comfortable, a little bit happier, hopefully or something that makes her feel a little bit better.

Being able to sleep is so good.

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