Pole’s feeding sessions

As of today, Pole has had two feeding sessions, about 4 hours apart. She was able to eat 6ml in the first and 8ml in the second without much protest.

I’ve learnt since yesterday to “read” her feelings. If she protests too much, I will stop and cut the session short. But there were also times when she starts of protesting, and later, she was willing.

A lot of it is decided and done just using one’s gut feeling.

The difference between now and before is that she can now swallow without grinding her teeth and she is willing to swallow. This is indeed a bonus. Otherwise, she was only on subcut.

Ever since we started feeding her again, her eyes look a bit brighter and she has gained back some energy too.

Pole seems to prefer Cindy’s tuna baby food. Maybe it’s also more liquid and smoother compared with the chicken.

In between each syringe, I pause and wait until Pole is ready. Each syringe is only about 0.5ml-0.7ml of food. Slowly does it….

From the trial and error yesterday, I think I have to wait at least 3.5 hours between feeds. If it’s too close, Pole protests. She does this by walking away when I’m preparing the food or during the feed. Then, I know she doesn’t want it and I won’t force her.

I’m really glad she is able to swallow food again now.

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