Farewell, our sweetest, beloved Pole

Pole passed away very peacefully in her sleep early this morning.

Yesterday, there was already a “sign” as she was sleeping for long hours the whole day. She had not been able to sleep for long periods ever since her condition took a turn for the worse weeks ago. Even if she did, it would only be for minutes.

But yesterday, Pole slept for many, many hours. I was comforted that she could sleep soundly and rest. A few days ago, her breathing had been “jerky” but yesterday, it was normal and very peaceful. I knew that that was also a sign that she had stopped fighting, which is “good” because Pole had been so, so incredibly and unbelievably strong throughout and it really is time to stop, rest and let Nature take its course. That decision had to be Pole’s and I was glad she decided it was time to let go and rest.

Pole stopped eating on her own on 27th January 2021. That was when her condition started to deteriorate. There is no turning back for kidney failure, we know this. Pole endured the deterioration stoically and with quiet dignity and extremely admirable strength. Never once did she whine. Her daily subcut was done without any struggle. Feeding was a bit of a struggle but I learnt to respect when she had had enough food (she would walk away and that’s when I would stop). She did not like the KD at all but was willing to eat Cindy’s blended baby food.

Pole was diagnosed with kidney degeneration in September 2019. She also had hyperthyroidism and high blood pressure, both which would cause a faster deterioration of the kidneys. Occasionally, she would get urinary tract infection as well. Despite all this, Pole was as “normal” as any other cat; she ate very well and lived happily, without giving anyone any problems. For the last few months, she decided to take small meals throughout the day, as many times as she liked. She was my constant companion whenever I was teaching online.

Pole would have been 15 years old this Mother’s Day in May. Cow, Bunny and Pole were my first rescues way back in 2006. While Cow and Bunny constantly got into fights and had numerous trips to the vet for injuries and other illnesses, Pole never needed any vet visits until she was 12 years old.

While I am comforted that Pole’s fight is now over and her earthly challenges are all over, I will miss Pole very, very much. I will miss looking after her every day. I will miss her happy-go-lucky nature. She never got into any fights with anyone at all, never gave anyone any trouble and minded her own business. She loved her condo and would share it with everyone else too. As long as she had a shelf of her own with fresh towels, she was more than happy.

I will miss Pole so, so much.

I took this photo yesterday during one of her long naps.

Yesterday, Pole ate breakfast and lunch, but refused dinner. We laid out a large towel and let her sleep in the dining room last night. Early this morning, we found her in the red litter box in the bathroom. She looked very peaceful, with her eyes and mouth closed. She was still warm. There were no signs of any struggle at all, which was a comfort to us.

Your fight is over, Pole. You fought so bravely. It is now time to rest.

And time for all of us to say farewell.

Pole will live on in our lives. We will honour and learn from how she lived her life, with simplicity, respect for others, acceptance, dignity and strength. We will cherish 15 years of sweet and treasured memories.

Be free and be at peace now, Pole.






8 responses to “Farewell, our sweetest, beloved Pole”

  1. Agnes Cheong

    My sincere condolence. Pole has had 15 years of happy life n it’s now time to be free of earthly suffering.

  2. Lay Peng

    Wherever Pole Maybe
    May Pole Be Well n Happy
    Run free Pole

  3. Mas

    Sincere condolence to you Dr Chan. You have taken care of her well.

    Pole, run free and be happy and cool cat now in rainbow bridge ya.

  4. chankahyein

    Thank you very much, dear friends!

  5. Mimi

    Glad to know that Pole spent her last days at the place where her life started… her home. Its a circle of life indeed. You’ve done well Dr Chan. May you be given strength to carry on looking after your furry kids and continue to inspire us with your stories. Run free and happy dear Pole…

  6. Peggy

    Rest in peace Pole. May you be free and happy.

  7. Aminah Yahaya

    Rest in peace dear Pole. My sincere condolences to you Dr Chan.

  8. chankahyein

    Thank you for all your kind words, dear friends.