Down memory lane (in memory of dearest Pole)

I spent the last few days looking at old photos and videos of Pole’s early years. There are thousands of photos and they certainly bring back very sweet and beautiful memories.

The newborns

Baby Cow, Bunny and Pole learning to eat solid food.

Even before opening her eyes, Pole was already an accomplished escape artist!

First time outdoors, getting some sun.

Always under the watchful eyes of Uncle Bobby!

They all had great fun climbing trees too!

Pole was a devoted and very protective mother to Cleo, Pans and Wolf.

This is the photo of Pole when she came back home after being missing for 5 days in our old neighbourhood. She was definitely relieved to be home and stayed indoors for a few days after that. Then, it was back to her happy-go-lucky ways.


Climbing trees again!

Pole loved high places.

As long as there is a high shelf for her, she would be happy.

The whole family together.

Another rare family photo.

Sweet, sweet memories, forever etched in our hearts!






2 responses to “Down memory lane (in memory of dearest Pole)”

  1. awww keep that memory always ya.. so cute 🙂

  2. CW Lee

    So lovely, thanks for sharing