Ginger’s quick escape

In the midst of all the commotion today, Ginger made a quick escape out of the front door as I stepped out to throw the garbage.

Ginger may be obese and huge, but when he makes a getaway, he is SO very, very fast. And sneaky too. You just cannot see him, and before you know it, he’s already out, on his way to the gate.

And where did he go?

To the drain.

Yes, that’s all he wants to do – to sit in the drain.

Kucing longkang.

We know it is impossible to catch him when he is out, so the only thing to do is to wait.

Luckily Ginger is a greedy cat and he cannot skip any of his meals.

By 11.15am, Ginger came back on his own to Stargate2 and mewed softly. We opened the gate and he came in on his own.

Ginger, why do you like to be a kucing longkang?

There’s no lunch in the longkang, glad you are back!

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