Indy stakes his claim; Bunny eats!

No sooner had we set up the “new” condo than Indy decided to stake a claim to it. On the top shelf too. Oh well, that’s okay. If he spends most of his time there, that would be less chances of him bullying the others. Hopefully, Indy will allow Bunny to use the downstairs.

Looks like Cleo isn’t interested as she has the big bed, shared with Cow.

I let Bunny back to his place, put him into the new condo, but he still preferred to stay in his tunnel. Bunny feels very safe in his tunnel.

Later on, Bunny came out to sit.

I guess the best news so far is that Bunny came on his own to wait for lunch, and he ate together with his family. He ate well, but still not as much as his normal amount. Still, it’s a good sign that he is brave enough to come and has the appetite to eat. I gave him a special treat.

Slowly…but surely. Let’s hope we don’t have to go to the vet’s.

Indy ate too, but far away from everyone else.

Perhaps observing physical distancing is really good for Indy. I trim his nails often, but he still causes problems in all his encounters with everyone else.

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