Jill (lost dog in SS14) is back home!!

After 3 days of being lost, Jill is finally home today!!

A distant neighbour had been providing shelter for Jill and had actually been walking her daily in the neighbourhood hoping Jill could pinpoint her home. Meanwhile, Anne had also been driving around the neighbourhood many times a day to look for Jill, but they must have kept missing each other.

Well, this morning, Anne’s husband bumped into the neighbour walking Jill and the happy reunion ensued!

It’s really so nice to encounter kind people who help animals.

Thank you to everyone who helped to share the blogpost too!

Here’s Jill resting at home after her big adventure for 3 days!

Anne will get Jill a tag with her contact details on it so that in case Jill escapes again, the rescuer would be able to send her back home.