Thank you very much (March 2021 donors)

It’s time to thank all well-wishers and donors for their continued support!

This month’s neutering aid:
Number of animals: 8 cats  
Amount paid out: RM760.00
Recipients of the Neutering Aid:

This month’s vaccination aid:
Number of animals: nil
Amount paid out: nil
Recipients of the Vaccination Aid:

This month’s petfood donation to shelters: RM5476.46
Recipients of the Food Aid:

This month’s donors:

In memory of Chief & Cotty from Chow Yi Lin
In memory of PohPoh-Ah Girl from Joyce Lim
In honour of Pole from Carlie & friends
In memory of Pole from her family
Anonymous donors
Ahmad Amir Kamil
Avant Pet Sdn Bhd
Evon Goh
Freya, Theia & Tito
Joey Tan Sze Yin
Khoo Ming-Yi
Kok Khee Wee
Kwan Pei Kuan
Lee Choon Swee
NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan
Ngiow Siet Sun
Purrepawland via SimplyGiving
Students from Raffles College KL
Tan Lai Fun
Tan Tay Thye & his karma debtors
Wan Tai Seng
Wong Chin Kuan

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