Bella’s nest – Day 3

It was only three days ago that we noticed a bird flying into the potted plant right outside our front door.

On the next day, there were a few twigs on the ground and some twigs in the plant. By evening, it was clear that the bird was building a nest in the plant!

This is the second time it has happened in this same potted plant. It was a few years ago and at that time, Zurik was still our porch cat. The bird nest wasn’t successfully built at that time.

Anyway, today is Day 3 and we are amazed at the progress!

It’s progressing very rapidly, actually. And the bird is working hard at it.

Here’s the bird! I’m naming her Bella.

Let’s hope Bushy White and Gingertom don’t come and disturb the nest.

Bella was working hard the whole morning today. She isn’t afraid of me either. If I approach very slowly to the bench, she just stays in the tree. When I start my car, she doesn’t even fly off! The only time she might fly off is when we open the front door. We’ve been using Stargate2 to enter and exit if we see her in the tree so that we don’t disturb her too much.

I hope Bella’s nest will be successfully built!

The nest is taking shape already.

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