Neutering aid for 1 cat in Bentong (Lee Fong Kum & Ku Xin Qi’s)

We have provided an aid of RM100 for the neutering of this cat.

Mdm Lee (mother) and Ms Ku (daughter) are new applicants.

From Ms Ku:

Hi,Dr Chan.I know you from fb and I think now only you can help me!I’m  a 17 years old , I love cat very much and I have adopted one cat before, I also feed the street cats that come to my house.But unluckily ,I’m living in a very traditional Chinese family,my parent’s did not want to spend any money to let me bring my cat and another little street kitten (female) go to vet. And now my cat have already pregnant so I have to take another street cats to vet as fast as possible. The problem is,I don’t have any income and also pocket money to take them to vet 

Even my cat also haven’t vaccinate. So, I’m here to give a big appreciate to you if you can help me with the problem of money! Kecil tapak tangan nyiru ditadahkan! Thank you very much for reading my email.Hope you can help me as now I’m stressing with SPM also.Thank you!

Here are 1 pregnant cat and five cats which are all haven’t neutered yet. Can I also applicate for the vaccination money as my parent’s alredy promise to rear them after neutered and vaccinated. And I wouldn’t take the pregnant cat to vet (highlight).The pregnant cat is the first cat I adopted,so I’ll let her give birth first but my parent’s say if too many cats they will throw them away because of no money for neutering and vaccinating. Thanks for reading my email.

Ms Ku spoke to her parents and they have agreed to let her neuter the cats and look after them.

I’ve been feeding this cat and her siblings for a few weeks. After getting my parents’ permission to rear them , I sent her for neutering and once she recovered , I’ll continue to look after her and rear her in my house .

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