Neutering aid for 1 cat in Kuala Lumpur (Jacqueline Wong Mei Lin’s)

We have fully sponsored RM100 for the neutering of this cat.

Ms Jacqueline Wong is a new applicant.

Some background:

I am currently looking after a colony in KL. They are within a gated compound of a café in the area. I provide food and drop by every 2 days. I have an arrangement with the restaurant owner that he and his staff help me to replenish the food and water for the cats, and help me monitor their health. I am responsible for their wellbeing and health,  which includes vaccination and any medical assistance needed.

I have already neutered and released 4 males a few months ago (did not know about your initiative at the time, hence did not apply for aid) and continue to feed and provide for their care. All cats are also vaccinated, dewormed and defleaed.

Current application:

Charlie (black and white) is part of the same colony and has just been spayed.  When I first met her it was obvious she had recently given birth and was still nursing. I waited for her to bring me to her kittens so I could pick them all up when they were weaned –  for her to be spayed and  to find a foster for the kittens. I picked her up a week ago with her kittens and had her vaccinated and spayed, defleaed and dewormed, and the kittens defleaed and dewormed. I returned her back to the colony last night where I will continue to look after her as well as the others.

The kittens are being fostered and socialised so they are used to humans and can be ready to be adopted, at which point a prerequisite of adoption will be to agree to spay/neuter when they are old enough.

Attached are pictures of Charlie pre and post surgery, the application form and a copy of the receipt.


Jacqueline Wong 

Please also see below, photos of some of the cats in the colony – these are named after parks : Megah, Rimba, Putra and Templer.  

There are 2 females I removed from the colony and who have recently given birth. Once done with nursing I will spay and vaccinate before returning.

There is one black male, who I have not been able to catch, but since returning Charlie 2 days ago, he hangs around and will let me feed him but is wary, so it will take time.

So total I will be applying for 3 more, 2 females and 1 male.

So total in the colony is 7 (I have not included the kittens because I am trying to rehome them, otherwise there would be 15 more!!!!). The kittens are currently being fostered in homes.  

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