Neutering aid for 3 cats in Subang Jaya (Olivia Tjong Yen Chian’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM300 for the neutering of these 3 cats, Peanut, Bean and Sesame.

Updates on previous claims are below.

I would like to apply for a subsidy for 3 kittens. They are Mochi’s kittens. They had to go to a quicker neutering instead of the age of 6 mths. The 3 kittens got on heat and wild unneutered male cats started coming to our house. The male cats are very fierce and we couldn’t catch them yet so we had to neuter the 3 kittens. 
After neutering, we are doing the CNRM method. They are no longer caged up and they freely come back to our house to eat their meals. Their mother, Mochi and them, is often around our house vicinity and we are still continuing to feed them and will continue to do so. 
Below attached is the pictures of previous cats that have received subsidy under myanimalcare as updates as well as the kittens picture.