Gratitude…from 8 years ago!

Gratitude is the memory of the heart.

It isn’t often that we receive updates from the caregivers or owners whose cats and dogs we have helped before, so when we do, it is indeed a great happiness!

We received this email today.

Dear Dr Chan and volunteers,
I am writing this email in reference to my previous spaying subsidy plea for 1 female cat in 2013.
I call her Siam. Originally my plan after the spay, was to return her to colony as she was previously a healthy stray at my previous flat and cared by a few of the residents including me. 
A few months after the spay I manage to find new home for her baby and decided to release her as I thought that she would prefer to freely roam at the flat like before instead of being a fully indoor cat. But she seems not interested to stay outside and cry in front of my door. So I let her stays in. I also open her for adoption because apparently my two other cats did not really like her. I was hoping that she will find a new family that will care and love her and not being bullied by other cats. But no one seems interested to adopt her.
Surprisingly, Siam is a survivor and very independent. She doesn’t care about my other cats who did not being friendly to her. What is more important for her is I still care for her, she got enough food and nice place to sleep. Maybe she was still trauma of the incident the day I found her just gave birth during storm under a box on wet floor! 
Until 2016 I moved to a new house where I guess all the seniority in my house has been reset 😅😅. My two other cats has been sort of accept her, and again in 2018 I moved to a new place where they seem very much better. Once in a while I saw they play together. 

In short, I just want to let you know, because of your help I managed to spay Siam and now 8 years later she still live healthily & happily with me and being treated same like my other furkids. She is happy and I am happy. Therefore I would like to return back your spaying subsidy for Siam for you to use it back to other animals in need. Thank you so much doc! 

We thank you so much, for the happy update, the photos (below) and also for your thoughtfulness and kindness in giving us a donation to help other animals. One good turn deserves another! 

You certainly look healthy and prosperous, Siam!

May you have a very happy and healthy life ahead!

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