Ginger’s sneezing

Yesterday afternoon during the thunderstorm, Ginger started sneezing.

Oh oh….I remember his sneezing last year, which later developed into a cough and it took more than 2 months and 3 different antibiotics for him to recover. That happened from February to April last year.

Ginger is FIV+, so the long period of recovery is due to that.  During that period, Indy, Heidi and Tabs also contracted the same ailment but they recovered in a very short time. I had to nebulize Ginger on a daily basis to clear his airways too. All in, it took more than 2 months before he was cleared of the sneezing and the cough.

During the end of last year’s rainy season (around November), I was worried Ginger might get sick again. Thankfully, nothing happened.

So yesterday, right after the first sneeze, I quickly gave him two Lysine nuggets, Vetri DMG and turned off all the fans in the house. Last night, I did one round of nebulization. I’m hoping to nip this in the bud.

Ginger wasn’t too happy with the nebulization.

Half a nebule of Ventolin with 3 ml of water in the machine.

That took about 20 minutes.

Since the nebulization last night, he has not sneezed. Keeping a close watch on him.

We prepared a blanket for him to sleep inside the house last night, but he wanted to sleep in the patio even though it was quite cold. There has been no sneezing today too. I hope he doesn’t have to take any medicine for this.

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