Bella’s flight training centre (Day 30a)

For a few days now, we noticed that Bella had taken possession of my car. She would usually be perched on the bonnet near the windscreen. When I need to drive, she flies off, but the moment I return, she would perch on my car’s rear view mirror or on the bonnet again.

Today, I figured out why.

After feeding her chick, Birdy, Bella was perched on my the bonnet, calling out to Birdy. She called loudly for almost ten minutes non-stop.

Bella wants Birdy to start flying lessons!!

And my car bonnet is roughly at the same level as the nest, and also within reachable distance. Bella was trying to get Birdy to fly from the nest to the car bonnet.

So, Bella called and called repeatedly and loudly, but Birdy decided she would take a nap after her meal and did not respond at all.

Bella finally stopped, but stayed on on the bonnet.

This is Bella’s favourite spot on my bonnet.

It’s near the nest, and Bella was calling out for Birdy.

But Birdy would rather take a nap after a hearty meal!

I saw Bella feeding Birdy a big meal of big blobs of food before the call-out started.

It’s time for flying lessons, Birdy!


I took this video a few minutes ago. As you can see, Birdy is already quite big now.

Bella is in this video too.

A new leaf has grown in a most fortuitous location too, shielding the nest perfectly. Nature works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it?

Bella knew I was nearby, so she jumped down and hopped to the window to look at me.

“What are you doing?”, she seems to be saying.

Sorry, Bella. I quickly excused myself.