Birdy flies! (Day 31)

This morning, there was a cacophony of loud chirping as early as 6.00am.

By 7.30am, Birdy was still in the nest, fluffing herself up. I did not see Bella anywhere.

At around 10.00am, when I peeped to look, Birdy was no longer in her nest.  It’s been more than 2 hours now and neither Birdy or Bella has returned to the nest.

I think Birdy has flown away! Maybe she did not need the flying lessons after all. First trial, and she is off to the skies!

I took this video and photo yesterday.

If my observation is correct, Birdy should be 11 days old today.

The empty nest.

It’s bound to happen and I’m glad it did. Birds are meant to be free.

I do wonder if Bella and Birdy will come back for visits?

Fly free and be safe, Bella and Birdy!! Have a wonderful life!