When Indy-Rooster crows

Indy crows every morning, sometimes as early as 4.00am.

Without fail, on a daily basis, Indy would make the most horrendous sounds early at dawn. It is enough to wake you up. It’s hard to describe his sounds, but it’s hardly cat-like. It sounds more like a shouting cry. I simply cannot describe it. I cannot even alphabetically spell out the sounds that he makes.

The purpose is simply to disturb the humans. That is all. And it’s very loud. There’s actually nothing wrong and if we come downstairs, he would just run off.

That’s what Indy does. Every single day. So, we’ve learnt to just put up with it.

There’s another thing that Indy does – his eating habits.

He will refuse to eat on his own, but actually he is hungry. He just wants to put up a fuss before he eats. Three times daily, I will place the food bowl in front of him and almost always, he will walk away. The way to make him eat is to follow him around, keep placing the bowl in front of him, coaxing and pleading with him to eat. When he is finally satisfied that he has enslaved you enough, he will eat. And sometimes, he even eats three helpings at one go.

Indy has a regurgitation problem in the morning, so his portion at breakfast is controlled. He cannot eat too much, else, he regurgitates the food and it would all be wasted.

Now, when he puts up a fuss, refuses to eat and plays “hard to get”, why don’t I just leave him alone and let him wait for the next meal?

Well, if he doesn’t eat, he WILL start “crowing” and making the most horrendous sounds simply to disturb you throughout the day until the next meal. So, it’s either I put up with the noise or I allow him to enslave me and beg him to please eat his food.

In the last two days, he had been refusing to eat and was being particularly difficult. I resorted to force-feeding him (just put food in his mouth and he will swallow) when the pleadings did not work. My husband says he is just attention-seeking. Perhaps he is. I’ve never force-fed Indy before, though, but in the last two days, he was being quite impossible and I did not want him to starve….and “crow”!

Today, he has been really good and it only took 1-2 pleadings to make him start eating.

This is like winning the lottery!

You’re a real character, aren’t you, Indy?

Our very own attention-seeking “rooster”!

3 comments to When Indy-Rooster crows

  • Oreo Bartholomeow Balestorm

    Yo Indy-bro, I do the same thing too, every morning from 5ish in the morning until I hear Mama wake up-ngiao, then I stop and go back to sleep! Dr Chan-ngiao, we are just singing. It ain’t a horrendous sound. We are just serenading you with our special marvelous song-ngiao!

    • chankahyein

      Helloooo…..Oreo!! It’s been so long. Too long, actually!!

      Okay, so it’s the Black-and-White Brotherhood wake-up ngiao.

      But do you also enslave your human by pretending you don’t want to eat?

  • YL

    LOL! Indy, Indy. Banyak2 pattern!