Bunny’s unfinished meal?

Yesterday evening, Bunny gave me a scare.

He did not finish his dinner. He only ate half of it.

For other cats, this might not be a big deal at all. Indy and Cleo sometimes skip an entire meal, and that is not cause for any alarm. It’s normal for those two. (Indy just wants to be difficult while Cleo is probably not hungry.)

But not for Bunny.

Bunny has never not finished a meal. In fact, he always finishes this first round and goes for seconds or thirds.

So, when Bunny only ate half his dinner yesterday, it was definitely a red alert. He also did not go to his usual spot to wait for dinner. He just sat on a chair. I had to coax him to eat and he only finished half of it by himself.

I did everything I could think of to entice him to eat. I added all kinds of treats, but he simply wasn’t interested. I tried later at night and still, he refused to eat. Bunny also felt a little warm to the touch. To play it safe, I gave him a dose of Vetri DMG and some Nutriplus gel (he wasn’t interested to lick it too and I had to rub it onto his mouth).

I was worried all night. Bunny is FIV+ and is also a kidney patient. Kidney disease is like a time bomb; you just don’t know when it wants to go downhill. After having gone through Pole’s last stage, I doubt I have the emotional strength to deal with another so soon. Even with advancing kidney disease, Pole was perfectly “normal” until the day she stopped eating. That’s when it all started to go down. I think I already have a phobia of cats not eating.

This morning, I didn’t know what to expect. Will Bunny eat?

I came down and saw Bunny walking around his garden, which is what he usually does. Ok, that’s good. That’s normal behaviour.

Then, came the acid test. After feeding Tabs and Ginger in the kitchen, it was time to feed Bunny and gang.

Bunny went to his usual spot to wait for food. Oh, that’s really good.

I offered him his breakfast and waited with bated breath.

Bunny ate!!

Bunny finished his first round and ate a second helping, which is very normal for him. He always gets Cubgrub in the first round and Coco&Joe’s in the subsequent helpings.

Bunny ate, Bunny ate, Bunny ate!


I’ve been observing him and he is his usual self so far.

Bunny ate lunch too.

And he asked to come out for a patio trip as well.

Ginger says hello.

Whenever Bunny comes out, he will end up in the Blue House and take a long nap. That’s his routine.

Routine is good.

I wonder what happened yesterday. Hopefully, that has already passed and gone. With geriatric pets, every single day that they are in good health is a great blessing. And more often than not, the indication of good health is appetite, unless it’s Indy who just wants to be difficult or Cleo who needs very little food.

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